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Below are a sample of completed projects

Audio Enhancement

Audio enhancement algorithms were devloped for an IC company for their custom audio processor chip. The development included research and original algorithm modeling in Matlab and C++. The model was fixed point and made to match the Verilog output bit for bit. By making the C++ model a bit for bit match to the Verilog, the Verilog could be debuged and refined using the model. This allowed the silicon to be 100% correct on the first pass, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of time. The algorithms developed included virtual bass enhancement, stereo widening, audio compression and AGC.

Signal Analysis Software

An audio and signal anlysis Windows application was developed. The application does real time frequency and time domain analysis. It also includes a signal generator. The software will soon be available at TheSignalAnalyzer.com

Screen Shot

Echo Cancellation

Voice activity detection algorithms were developed for a world leader in echo cancellation and noise cancellation. The algorithms are currently deployed in millions of products, including cell phones, headsets, GPS units, etc. This project was implemented in TI C54x and C55x processors.

Wireless 802.15.4 Zigbee

A wireless system was developed using the 802.15.4 radio standard. The development included exploring trade-offs between transmission range, battery life, and data rate. Several firmware standards were explored including Synapse SNAP, a Simple MAC, and a Zigbee compliant stack.

Audio Enhancement Software

An audio enhancement Windows application was developed that included bass enhancement, stereo widening, compression, equalization, etc. The application enhances any audio played on the computer where it is installed.

Signal Detection

A signal detection product was enhanceed and upgraded for a major infrastructure inspection company. The device detected signals that indicated the deterioration of various infrastructure elements so that they could be addressed before complete failure. This project was implemented in Analog Devices Sharc DSP.