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Digital Signal Processing Algorithm Development

Utz Tech offers DSP algorithm development services. From idea to fruition. From initial research to algorithm implementation. Past projects that have been completed include:
  • Signal detection and anlysis
  • Voice activity detection
  • Echo cancellation
  • Noice cancellation
  • Channel Equalization
  • Video Processing
  • Symbol Tracking
  • Digital Filter Design Algorithms
  • Bass enhancement
  • Audio stereo separation ehancement
  • Audio compression
  • Automatic gain control
  • High frequency restoration

Implementing or porting an existing algorithm to or from Matlab, fixed-point C/C++, assembly code, or a software application. Help you make the trade-offs that are often necessary when implementing an algorithm with limited resources.

Software Development

Software development services that can be provided.
  • DSP embedded code C, C++, or assembly
    • TI C54x and 55x
    • Analog Devices Sharc
    • Others
  • Fixed point
  • Floating point
  • Windows applications in C++ or C#
  • Console applicaitons
  • Windows Forms applications


Modeling algorithms and systems is a necessary part of the development cycle. Testing and debugging can be done in a controlled environment, and integration and performance issue can be more easily worked out. Models can be developed using Matlab, Simulink, C/C++, or a combination of two or more of these. Fixed-point models can be done as well.